Past Years

The Royal Canadian Legion and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) lead the parade.



Paul McTavis Legion Br 54
Paul Mc Tavis of Br 54 Sooke Legion Canada Day 2016

Past Canada Days

The Sooke Canada Day Celebration was started in 1995 by Judithe Ann Gatto, and has become a major summer event.
Highlights from past years:

1995 First Canada Day at the "Flats" campground. A Family picnic

A look back at past highlights:
2000 T'Souke First Nations danced & school children were given awards

2001 Frank Planes gave out awards to local school children

2002 American youth team visits Sooke. First year costume contests!

2003 Fire Dept. Challenge, costume contest, canine Flyball Demo and awesome bands!

2004 Over 5,000 people attended the '04 Celebrations!

2006 Expanded Logging Sports

2007 First year of Youth Award

year 2012

Canada Day Cake


Sooke Canada Day Celebration is becoming known thoroughout the world via the Internet.


Logging demo

Hourigan and Gordon Planes 2016
John Horgan and
Gordon Planes
Canada Day 2016
Mike Hicks, CRD Director
2017 Mike Hicks

Lind Bristol and Brenda Parkinson
Linda Bristol and Brenda Parkinson
at 2012 Cananda Day
Gordon Planes, Brenda Parkinson 2016
Mike Hicks, John Horgan, Gordon Planes, Janet McTavish singing,
Shirley Alphose and Brenda Parkinson
on stage at Canada Day in Sooke, 2016
kid's games
Otter Point Hoseball Games
2017 Canada Day Colour Party from Br 54 Sooke Legion
2017 Colour Party from the Sooke Royal Canadian Legion, Br 54Sooke Canada Day Parade march in
2017 the Legion leads in the parade, Sooke Mayor M. Tait in white dress

Sooke Canada Day 2018
Sooke Canada Day 2019

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